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Welcome to Low Hill & Scotlands LNP

The Low Hill and Scotlands LNP covers the neighbourhoods of Scotlands, Underhill, Lower Fifth, Fallings Park West, Park Village, Spring Valley, Bushbury South, Bushbury Triangle and Bushbury Hill.

Message from the Chair

 Welcome to the Low Hill and the Scotlands Local Neighbourhood Partnership.  The Partnership was established in 2006 and I have been actively involved in it since it started.  Low Hill and the Scotlands has a long history of partnership working and there are many active community groups in the area.  The Local Neighbourhood Partnership brings all of these groups together with a shared vision to work with our local service providers, elected members and the LNP Team to ensure that services meet the needs of local residents.  I am really pleased to see the way that local groups are now working together as one and look forward to this continuing in the future.

Your LNP

The Low Hill and Scotlands LNP aims to improve the lives of local people by involving them in decisions about how services are delivered locally.
The Local Neighbourhood Partnership brings together local people (both individuals and those representing community and voluntary groups), businesses, service providers and elected ward Councillors to work in partnership to make lasting improvements to the neighbourhood.
The Local Neighbourhood Partnership meets regularly throughout the year to address the LNP priorities and the LNP Board is made up of a representative group of people from this wider Partnership. The Board works with LNP staff and service providers to co-ordinate , oversee and progress work of the LNP. More information on the LNP Governance Arrangements is available by clicking the highlighted text. 
LNP members receive regular information and are invited to Partnership meetings, including Annual General Meetings

LNP Priorities

Through consultation with local people, the LNP has set its community priorities as :-

  • Private rented sector
  • Children and young people
  • Jobs, skills and training
  • Health and well being
  • Environmental projects

PACT Priorities

The LNP also organises Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings where residents can meet Police, LNP and other partner agency staff to discuss and agree local crime and anti-social priorities.  For details of future PACT meetings visit