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Welcome to Wednesfield & Fallings Park LNP

Wednesfield and Fallings Park LNP covers the neighbourhoods of Fallings Park, Wednesfield, Ashmore Park, Hickman Estate, Bentley Bridge.

Message from the Chair

 James Clarke (Chair)

Welcome to the Wednesfield & Fallings Park LNP. My name is James Clarke and I was elected as Chair on 3rd December 2012, having been a Board member since June 2011.
The LNP works closely with residents, community groups, professionals and service providers in order to make where we live and work better for everyone.
Since joining the LNP I have been inspired by the hard work and dedication of the Board members and the Constituency Officers who support us and look forward to working with them to achieve the priorities we have set together.
Here are some of the projects the LNP Board was involved during 2012 include: Community First funding panels, Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Wolverhampton North East Job fair, Community Hubs consultations, Bentley Bridge Public Art project and Wednesfield Christmas Lights switch on.
We are always looking for new people to get involved with the LNP, so if you'd like to help shape your community please contact our constituency support officer Simon Hamilton on or 01902 557974 for more information. 

Your LNP

The Wednesfield and Fallings Park LNP aims to improve the lives of local people by involving them in decisions about how services are delivered locally.
The Local Neighbourhood Partnership brings together local people (both individuals and those representing community and voluntary groups), businesses, service providers and elected ward Councillors to work in partnership to make lasting improvements to the neighbourhood.
The Local Neighbourhood Partnership meets regularly throughout the year to address the LNP priorities and the LNP Board is made up of a representative group of people from this wider Partnership. The Board works with LNP staff and service providers to co-ordinate , oversee and progress work of the LNP. More information on the LNP Governance Arrangements is available by clicking the highlighted text
LNP members receive regular information and are invited to Partnership meetings, including Annual General Meetings.

LNP Priorities

Through consultation with local people, the LNP has set its community priorities as :-
·         Improve Employment opportunities and training for all ages (particularly looking at skills needed / and what Employers are within the area)
·         Improve Communication and Marketing of the LNP Via Events and Activities
·         Wednesfield History links to the regeneration of the Wednesfield Village and support Community Art Projects
·         Support and Development of the Community hubs
·         Health & Well Being

PACT Priorities

The LNP organises Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings where residents can meet Police, LNP and other partner agency staff to discuss and agree local crime and anti-social priorities. Click for next date of meeting Wednesfield South Pact or Wednesfield North